en.Duplicate Detection

DDA detects duplicate financial messages (input & output), prevents emission of outgoing duplicates and processing of incoming ones.


  • Fine-tuned Detection
    - 4 return-codes: Unique, Real Duplicate, Duplicate, Duplicate of NAKed
    - User definable history period for comparison
  • Increase security
  • Suppress the risk of executing duplicate operations
  • Suppress the risk of duplicate payment emission
  • Reduce costs, avoid penalties.
    - Cost to recover double payments
    - Limits unnecessary PDE


  • Prevent emission of duplicate messages by comparing with message history on user selected fields
  • Detect incoming duplicate messages and assigns them a "duplicate" status for further processing in SWIFTAlliance routing
  • History independent from SWIFTAlliance live database capacity
  • DDA is highly configurable, based on the message type and on all fields for each type

Operating schema - Emission flow

- Messages are routed to the DDA input queue instead of SI_to_SWIFT
- Unique ones are queued for emission, others are routed to the DDA decision queue for manual processing (cancellation or bypass)
- Alternatively, suspected duplicate messages can be completed, with notification to the emitting application

Operating schema - Reception flow

- Messages are routed to the DDA input queue before transmission to applications.
- Suspected duplicate messages are flagged, and a report is generated.