TurboSwift is bank€™s gateway to the SWIFT network, providing a cost-effective, accredited system for managing international payment messages. In use by hundreds of financial institutions around the world, the TurboSwift system is highly configurable to both meet a broad variety of processing needs and increase your straight-through processing rate, whether it€™s used as a stand-alone software application or as part of Fundtech€™s trusted SWIFT service bureau solution.
With an interface that€™s powerful, automated and simple all at once, TurboSwift provides an ideal replacement for many of the aging CBT systems still in use today. Continually refined and available for use on multiple platforms, it provides an easy transition any time changes are made to your institution€™s computer system, or to SWIFT€™s.

Always up-to-date in the Technology Age

As computing technology evolves, the standards of the SWIFT Network change along with it. Fundtech has worked closely with SWIFT to ensure that its TurboSwift products are always ready for the next major overhaul well ahead of time - so your institution won€™t be rushed to bring its own systems current.

TurboSwift has already been upgraded to comply with the European TARGET2 standards for 2007, as well as all new SWIFT messaging standards. Fundtech is also an approved vendor for SWIFTNet Phase 2, and offers an additional plug-in application, TurboRMA, to support the switch from a Bilateral Key Exchange (BKE) protocol to a Relationship Management Application (RMA).

TurboSwift is unique in that the identical TurboSwift product line is available on several UNIX platforms as well as Windows NT/2003. If a financial institution needs to change its platform strategy, TurboSwift can be migrated to the new platform with no impact on existing users or interfaces to existing applications. To maintain its technological lead, the TurboSwift product line is continually refined and enhanced. In addition to the yearly S.W.I.F.T. changes, Fundtech regularly adds features to address new business needs.

Simplicity and versatility in one package

TurboSwift is unique in that an identical product line is available for several UNIX platforms as well as Microsoft Windows. And if you decide to change from one operating system to another, TurboSwift can be migrated to the new platform with no impact on existing users or interfaces with other programs. Scalable to all levels of throughput, TurboSwift can sustain a volume of up to 150,000 messages per hour on a mid-range system, eliminating any message backlog even during peak periods. With related products like TurboBranch, TurboWeb and TurboConnect, any number of remote terminals and offices can be linked in through your central SWIFT connection. TurboSwift is configured to process FIN, FileAct and InterAct messages, and will ensure that each transaction is routed to the proper place in your host processing system.
TurboSwift€™s automation cuts down on manual data entry for your operators and automatic error-checking significantly improves straight-through processing rates. With a comprehensive control and monitoring system, you€™ll be able to quickly identify any problems that arise during transmission.