MultiCash WEB Edition

MultiCash WEB Edition has been designed as add-on to the "classic" Electronic Banking with the MultiCash product for use in a corporate intranet / extranet and enables "MultiCash" functionality using a browser.

Installed on a central server within the corporate, MultiCash WEB Edition allows authorized users to access the MultiCash system via the company's intranet or extranet. The user only requires a browser to log in to the central system from any location. In technology terms, the product uses a state-of-the-art approach: based on the libraries of Multi-Cash, all core functionalities of this program have been transferred to a XML server architecture, generating dynamical HTML pages. )

Benefits MultiCash WEB Edition:
MultiCash WEB Edition could be used by any internet browser.
No additional SW has to be installed. Internet browser is used.
User could decide to use standard Windows application or solution via Internet browser.
MultiCash WEB Edition is also multi banking product.
All data are saved on customer server that allows fast and easy access.

Wide functional range

MultiCash WEB Edition is aimed at those corporates who wish to retain their proven Electronic Banking and Cash Management application MultiCash, but at the same time want to benefit from the mobility and flexibility offered by new technologies. The browser concept has immediate advantages in terms of user-friendliness, communication administration and support. At the same time, users who prefer the traditional Windows environment can install the normal Windows product on their workstation
MultiCash WEB Edition contains all core functionalities of the classic MultiCash product :

Enter payments: Support of domestic, foreign and international payment formats as well as the creation and maintenance of standing orders, variable amount orders and templates. The range is being constantly extended to include all country-specific formats available for MultiCash.

Cash management: all standard MultiCash classic functions are available i.e. Balances, statements, transactions...

Communication with the banks: The administration of the authorized users for the communication with the bank is managed from the browser. User-friendly wizards take the user step-by-step through the initialization procedure for the bank access. In a similar way the user is prompted for the generation of the RSA key pair for the secure transmission and the initialization of the Electronic Signature.

The communication with the banks is managed from a central MultiCash installation using common standards - of course, using the Internet if the relevant bank supports this (e. g. via MCFT - MultiCash File Tranfer). Of course, communications sessions can be initiated at any time from the browser of the respective workstation. In this way, MultiCash WEB Edition offers the ideal solution for the use within the corporate's intranet or extranet using a Local or Wide Area Network.

Enhanced functions: The functionality of the underlying MultiCash system - a product family from approx. 35 modules for supporting many banking transaction fields, including e. g. Foreign Trade and bank-bank payments - is extended step-by-step by the web ability. Different languages have already been integrated and e. g. payment modules have been completed for several European countries.

Customizing: One of the main advantages of the XML/HTML architecture of MultiCash WEB Edition is the enormous flexibility of its interface: The entire design with all its components - fonts as well as colours and graphics - can easily be adjusted to the corporate's own specific standards (corporate design) by editing templates and style sheets.