MultiCash Transfer

MultiCash (MC) Transfer is a fully automatic communication interface between the user (company) and its banks. MC Transfer enables to download balances and information about transactions from the banks, both domestic and foreign. This data can be subsequently downloaded to the respective application of the company. A similar method is used for the transfer of payment orders generated by the company´s accounting system to banks. In addition, it is possible to download from or send to the bank additional files (e.g. card statements). The easily operable part of the application administration enables the user to set communication with banks exactly according to the user´s particular needs so that everything works automatically. The application also allows working with the downloaded data from the bank, monitoring of statements, turnovers, balances, creating of reports and printing. Other modules of the system are intended for entering "Add-hoc" orders. The application may be controlled through the WEB interface (Internet explorer). The application operator then only checks the protocols and verifies functioning of the application.

Benefits of MC Transfer:

MC Transfer provides the user with a convenient system of data exchange with different banks:

  • A fully automatic mode (without the user´s logging in and intervention) allows an optimal interconnection with the accounting system or other applications. 
  • Consultant from Omikron Hungary will discuss with the client all its requirements and based on their agreement he will prepare the most suitable setting for the client. The aim is to achieve a maximal automation of communication and satisfaction of the client. 
  • Support of a number of data formats is ideal both for local and international use. 
  • The electronic signature option complies with the highest security demands. If necessary, the signature may be attached also from remote places via Intranet or Internet. 
  • Open architecture allows its easy setting and interconnection with the company´s information systems. 
  • The system allows a multi-bank operation as it includes all standard options of communication. 

Standard parts of the MC Transfer application

  • MC Transfer administration allows defining of the profile of individual users, manner of communication for individual banks (communication protocol, frequency, etc.), specifying regularly the required tasks, check the status and history of the respective activity. 
  • The File manager module enables the user to sign the payment file and check any time the date of transfer and content of the file. This module may be used within Intranet or Internet, depending on client´s infrastructure. 
  • Communication with bank or banks may be ensured fully automatically at times defined by the user. Balances and information about transactions are saved in a pre-defined target directory or directories. 

Additional modules

  • Electronic signature - The function of electronic signature allows signing of the file of payments to be sent, electronically by means of the user´s RSA secret key. This ensures irrefutability and incontestability of the payments made. The electronic signature module allows generation of the user´s common and secret key during installation and its later change, as the case may be. 
  • CashManagement - the basis for CashManagement are the functions Statements, Balances and Turnovers. 
    • The function Account statements provides detailed information about each account. The statements that cannot be received electronically may be entered manually. As a result you may get the current and complete statement including all bank accounts. The system allows conversion to EUR. Transactions and balances may be displayed also in the original currency. 
    • The function Turnovers provides detailed information about individual movements including (where applicable) daily pre-accounted items and current balances. A wide range of possibilities of cross-selection allows a fast search of particular transactions and generation of reports. 
    • The function Planning data allows incorporation of the projected cash flows in the reports of liquidity management. It is also possible to define regularly recurring movements. The Interest management function provides statements on the basis of detailed data on interest. 
  • Payment modules - The MC Transfer payment modules provide the user with a convenient access to creation and administration of ad hoc payment orders or other operations in case where the payments are not generated by the client´s information system. 
  • Web-based Interface - This function allows working in the application through the Internet explorer while preserving full functionality of the application. 
  • Export of the protocol for communication monitoring - For the purpose of monitoring, detailed information about communication may be exported to text files and subsequently loaded to external monitoring programs. 
  • Conversion programs - applications created according to the client´s requirements that may for instance adjust the format of bank statements in order to load them in the accounting system €¦ On the other hand, it is possible to divide the payment orders created by the accounting system according to the required criteria and create payment files in the respective formats for automatic sending.