SafeWatch Anti-Fraud

en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud solution delivers real time fraud prevention and management to meet the growing threat of online, ATM, wire and credit card fraud. en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud, is part of EastNets€™ comprehensive enterprise compliance management framework, offering financial institutions a single integrated environment to improve risk protection, meet global regulatory requirements, and streamline operational efficiencies to increase profitability.
en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud solution provides accurate, real-time fraud detection and prevention to protect your financial institution against fraud losses.

Key Capabilities

  • Cross-channel and real-time fraud prevention
  • Flexible and configurable fraud scenarios and profiling
  • Risk based approach and risk assessments per product, channel and customer
  • Automatic and semi-automatic decision assistance
  • Advanced detection and case management
  • Rapid implementation and return-on-investment

Real-time, SWIFT-Ready en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud provides real time SWIFT-ready fraud prevention and management, monitoring multiple sources across multiple channels and regions. en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud, prevents online, ATM, wire and credit card fraud, and is seamlessly integrated with EastNets€™ top ranking anti-money laundering solutions (AML) for real time watchlist and sanctions filtering, and suspicious activity monitoring and detection.

Enterprise Compliance Framework EastNets€™ enterprise compliance management framework, encompassing its anti-fraud and AML solutions, also includes Know Your Customer (KYC) controls, robust case management, regulatory and management reporting, risk assessment and scoring, and enables financial institutions to aggregate data and processes across fraud and AML silos.
As with EastNets€™ watchlist filtering and customer profiling solutions, en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud offers multiple data source connectors to easily adapt to a financial institution€™s specific business processes including:

  • SWIFT Alliance Connector - Delivers seamless integration with your existing SWIFT environment through attaining a "SWIFT Ready Application" label from SWIFT; ensures real time fraud monitoring of both incoming and outgoing SWIFT messages and immediately prevents the emission of suspicious messages into the SWIFT Network
  • File Connector - Scans transactions stored in data / transaction files irrespective of their size and formats. It ensures quick and powerful scanning by offering optimizations like parallel scanning, which allows multiple scan processes and batch checking. The flexible configuration of this connector allows en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud to work with almost any file format imaginable.
  • MQ-Series - Provides transaction screening facilities to MQ-compatible external systems, such as core banking or middleware applications. This module uses IBM MQ-Series middleware to enable communication between the external system and the en.SafeWatch Server.
  • Web Services - Provides transaction screening facilities by means of Web Services to integrate and communicate with external systems, such as core banking or middleware applications.