Banking applications

MultiCash and MultiCash Transfer
MultiCash is the most successful electronic banking system in Europe. The multibanking system - used already by 13 Hungarian banks - is the product of German OMIKRON Systemhaus. MultiCash works with SWIFT and domestic (GIRO) standards and provides high sophisticated Cash Management functions. MultiCash Transfer is designed as fully automatic communication interface between corporates and their banks. With MultiCash Transfer, balance and transaction information can be collected from all banks - domestically and worldwide -, and passed immediately to the accounting and/or Treasury Management package of the customer. In the opposite direction, multiple payment orders generated by the accounting system are sent to the banks.

MultiCash products on the Internet

The Internet offers banks new possibilities of improving the speed, delivery and cost-effectiveness of their service provision. Key benefits of banking via internet are the low maintenance costs, the attractive investment costs, and permanent availability of the network. The Omikron product range has been strategically designed to offer all necessary software components for banks and their clients, in whatever kind of business the bank is positioned. The members of the product family are the MultiCash@Web, MultiCash@SmartOffice and the MultiCash@Online. The newest component of MultiCash product portfolio is the MultiCash@Sign.

The Corona Solution

The Corona Cash (former CORONA) and NOSTRO computerised account reconciliation systems developed by SWIFT and SmartStream Technologies (former Management Data). The applications running under different platforms are suitable for reconciling nostro and internal accounts. In Hungary, already 15 banks have been using one of our reconciliation systems. Corona Confirmations (former COMFORT) - developed by SmartStream Technologies - automatically matches bank and broker confirmations from foreign exchange and money market deals (SWIFT MT 3xx message types). Corona Confirmations drastically reduces risk by eliminating operational errors and minimises routine work. In Hungary, the system is used by 2 bank. Corona Securities is an easy-to-use, efficient and reliable software package that automates the reconciliation of securities statement settlements. Corona Securities can also be used to check the status of such statements and settlements. The other members of Corona product range are Corona Intra-day, Corona Investigations, Corona Active and Corona Web-Enabled. Corona Cash Long-term Viewer is the newest member of the product family. This solution provides a tool for running online inquiries on cash items archived long-term in Corona Cash application.

EastNets solutions
The EastNets company as distinguished partner of SWIFT has a market leader position in the so-called AML (anti-money laundering) applications. Its product, en.Safewatch Filtering, is used by more than 400 banks. For banks with SWIFTAlliance system, they also offer en.Reporting, a list generating tool, as well as en.SafeWatch Profiling, en.Recovery and en.Duplicate Detection systems that can be used as complementary applications to SWIFTAlliance functionality.

ViberDesk Pro
ViberDesk supports the connection to the Hungarian VIBER system (Real Time Gross Settlement System).

DevStat SWIFT Statistics
A SWIFT Statistic module that monitors the whole banking message traffic.

TurboSwift is a UNIX / Windows NT based full-featured SWIFT II CBT software package. In Hungary, the system is used by 5 banks.

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