About us

About our company

Omikron Hungary Ltd., member of Omikron Group located in Cologne, is present on Hungarian banking software market since 1991 (until 1998 as Management Data Ltd.). Our parent company, Omikron Systemhaus GmbH was founded in 1983 and their own-developed MultiCash product family has become the leading electronic banking application in Europe in the last more than 25 years. The banking solutions of our company group were introduced by more than 250 banks all over the world.

Since the foundation the Hungarian subsidiary has been focusing on the development and distribution of applications related to Hungarian and International banking payments. Besides being the exclusive distributor of MultiCash product family in Hungary, our company takes an active part in the development, too. Omikron Hungary is also engaged in developing and distributing SWIFT-related applications.

The banking solutions provided by the foreign software developing companies we represent are all leading solutions recognized worldwide. Our company provides a full-scale support from implementation through Hungarian hotline service to continuous maintenance.

Apart from Hungary, through a local partner, we are also present in Serbia. Furthermore, in almost all countries in the region we established partnership with local companies of similar profiles.

Beyond the Hungarian merchant banks we also provide bank groups operating on region level with cross-border services concerning our banking solutions.