About Omikron Hungary

Since starting business in 1983, Omikron Systemhaus has concentrated on the development of standard software for banking applications. The Omikron Group consists of several affiliated companies in Cologne, centring on Omikron Systemhaus GmbH & Co., as well as international subsidiaries, such as Omikron Hungary Ltd. The Omikron Group that has become one of Europe's leader software houses of electronic banking solutions, has a strong European partner network which ensures Omikron products are fully customised to local requirements and forms the basis of a successful positioning in each market.

News, latest informations

December 2013 - 16th MultiCash User Club

This year we had already the 16th MultiCash User Club. The main topic of the first part was the new Multicash user side application (MCC 3.23.002). In the second part we presented our newly developed product: EB Middleware, and the next generation of Multicash.

September 2013 - SEPA implementation in finish

Only a few months remain for corporates to implement SEPA payments. By 1. February 2014 all national clearing systems for EUR payments in the SEPA zone will be centralized and it will be no longer possible to use the current domestic formats. The Omikron Group -as a leader European provider in electronic banking - offers complete support package for corporates. 

September 2013 -en.SafeWatch Filtering 3.3 is available

EastNets® announced that the en.SafeWatch Filtering WEB version (3.3) is available. The product has been entirely revamped into a WEB application. The Web client allows an entirely new work dynamic and further assists customers in their investigative work.